IE6 Support

Let's admit the truth, that there are still many users using IE6 browser, especially in government sectors. So IE6 will live as long as Windows XP is alive. We realized that we just can't flush those IE6 users and made all our templates compatible with IE6.

Each template is processed thoroughly based on the ultimate IE6 cheatsheet covering 25+ IE6 bugs. All fixes for IE render problems like box model, double margin, float drops are placed in separated CSS file, which will be loaded only when browser is IE6. For fixing transparent PNG image problems we use very reliable JS script DD_belatedPNG, which is also loaded only when browser is IE6.

For testing we use real IE6 browser running in virtual machine specifically configured for testing tasks. Tools like IETester or Multi IE are great, but nothing can compare with real system. This is really time and resource consuming process, but the result is worth every second spent. In IE6 browser you will see about 98% of what can be seen from modern web browsers and this is incredible.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 November 2010 05:21