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Flexible Layout

Flexible layout

JSN Epic provides 36 module positions allowing you to have multiple layout configurations. Module positions are designed in smart way to cover all possible spot where you might want to put content. You can specify width of both overall layout and specific columns conveniently via template parameters.

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Colors Variation

Color Variations

JSN Epic provides 6 major colors variation for your taste. Each color variation covers not only the main background, but also color of drop-down menu, links, table’s header and some others.

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Menu Styles

Menu Styles

JSN Epic provides 6 menu styles ready to present most complex website navigation. The best thing is you don’t have to install any external menu modules, since JSN Epic utilizes Joomla! built-in menu module “mod_mainmenu”.

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Comprehensive Typography

Comprehensive typography

JSN Epic was developed with extreme focus on typography and we believe it provides the most comprehensive content presentation capability. Headings, text, links, tables, images, everything was designed with high level of refinement.

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RTL Support

RTL Support

All JoomlaShine templates are equipped with native RTL layout support. We spent huge amount of time tweaking every tiny details of the template to make it look absolutely awesome in RTL mode. Everything is horizontally-flipped including dropdown main menu and side menu.

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Docs & Support

Quick Start Guide

This document will tell you how to get the template look like the demo website as well as the main concept of how to work with the template.

Here you will find topics covering:

  • Sample data installation
  • Website title configuration
  • Favicon customization
  • Header area configuration
  • Promotion area configuration
  • Side columns configuration
  • Etc.

Configuration Manual

This document will give detailed information about each template feature and how to apply it to your real website.

Here you will find topics covering:

  • Logo customization
  • Layout configuration
  • Colors & styles configuration
  • Modules styles configuration
  • Menu configuration
  • Typography details
  • SEO & Accessibilities features
  • Etc.

Customization Manual

This document will teach you how to customize the template to make it suite you need.

Here you will find topics covering:

  • Template installation
  • General layout customization
  • Header customization
  • Menu customization
  • Module styles customization
  • Content area customization
  • Etc.

Download documentation package

JSN Epic is equipped with very comprehensive documentation package of 3 PDF documents that you can print and read at convenience: Quick Start Guide, Configuration Manual and Customization Manual

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