CSS Compression

We all know how important it is to have fast website. From a research of Yahoo! Performance Research Engineering Team good website performance is absolutely a must for every website. Let see the facts if website's speed is slower:

  • Amazon: 1% drops in sales if the load time increases with an extra +100ms
  • Yahoo: 5-9% drop in full page traffic if the load time increases with an extra +400ms
  • Google: 20% fewer searches if the load time increases with an extra +500ms

At JoomlaShine.com, we put an endless effort in optimizing our templates by utilizing techniques like utilizing image sprites, generating clean html code and one new step - CSS Compression.

Below is the comparison chart what will show you performance improvements when CSS Compression feature is enabled.

Total page size after CSS compression

Total load time comparision chart

CSS size comparision chart

CSS load time comparision chart

While enabling compression, you can still update your CSS files freely. Our compress mechanism will track all CSS file changes and automatically re-compress if there are changes.

Custom CSS files

It’s a common situation, when you have to create additional CSS file to hold styles for your content. We have designed new featured Custom CSS Files which allows you to load any additional CSS files and compress them among with default template CSS files.

Just upload your CSS files into template's css folder, then declare them in template parameter “Custom CSS Files” and they all will be loaded and compressed. No template code modification is required.

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November 2010 10:29